Soberlink Reviews: A Complete Guide about This Great Alcohol Monitoring Device

Soberlink is a company based in California that helps people with their alcohol addiction. According to their website their mission is: “supporting accountability through a comprehensive alcohol monitoring device”.

In this article we will review the Soberlink alcohol monitor devive. Let us start explaining what this device actually is.

What is a Soberlink Device?

A Soberlink device is more than just a normal breathalyzer. It’s much more! The Soberlink device is a remote professional-grade breathalyzer which is perfect to use at home. It uses a wireless connectivity with state-of the-art-technology.

Man Using Cell Phone With Soberlink Device

Other technology used is the facial recognition software. This is used as a safeguard so that only the correcrt person can use the device. Other tamper-proof features also ensure a reliable and accurate process. Your family can also follow up immediately thanks to the realtime reporting. No matter if your spouse, friends or law enforcement is checking your reports, this well help immensily with keeping you accountable. You do not want to let anybody down by failing a test.

Soberlink supports accountability for sobriety through a comprehensive alcohol monitoring system. Combining a professional-grade breathalyzer with wireless connectivity, portable design, and state-of-the-art technology includes facial recognition, tamper detection, and real-time reporting.

Soberlink has more than one use case. Of course it’s used as an addiction recovery tool at home. ALternativaly it is also used a lot in family law cases (where one of the parents is an alcoholic, and additional proof is required) and workplace compliance.

What’s interesting about Soberlink is that it creates an extra level of accountability, which is part of the comprehensive alcohol monitoring system. This is something very unique about these kind of alcohol devices.

If you want more information about Soberlink and their company, you can find their official website here:

Explaining How It Works

Thanks to a comprehensive alcohol monitoring sytem, Soberlink can create a system of accountability. Research shows that their are numerous benefits of accountability in recovery.

But how does this device work? The Soberlink device combines a breath alcohol testing technology with a cellular phone. This phone send te test results of your breath alcohol test to a cloud-based website (for a probation department to review or your close family). It’s a genuis little device. The device also has a built-in camera. That camera ill take pictures of the user during the test for identity verification.

Customer Reviews

There are many great Soberlink reviews online, and a lot of customers have given positive feedback (according to their Google My Business profile and other online review websites). You can find some of the online reviews here (this is an overview of all reviews we have found online on different websites).

Full List of Soberlink Reviews

“The technology is so advanced, and an excellent way to monitor a person trying to get sober. It has kept a family member of mine honest and accountable towards getting back on the straightforward path.” – Larry W.

“I am a lawyer which handles DUI cases mostly and I have been using the Soberlink breathalyzer for a few years now. It is always right and I can count on it in any situation.Highly recommended!!” – Gary D.

This website has also written a great review about the Soberlink device. We recommend you give it a read, so you understand better why it has so many positive client reviews. Note that this website is an attorney who wrote a review about Soberlink and how it helped him and his clients in court.

My Personal Experience

Personal Experience
This is my personal story

I’ve used Soberlink myself in the past, when my drinking habit got a bit out of control. I started to neglect friends and family, and alcohol was the center of my life. I knew something had to chance, and luckily a friend told me about Soberlink.

I can now say that Soberlink had an amazing effect on my life. My life improved so much after I started using it. It played a critical part in my recovery. Currently I am Sober for more than 10 years and don’t use it anymore.

From what I recall, the accountability was huge for me. I had family that I could trust with this and that helped me immensily with this process. I am very thankful for Soberlink to create an alcohol monitor device that is so effective and easy to use.

I definitely would recommend people with alcohol addictions to at least look into this company. It might change your life the same way as it changed mine.

Best of luck with your recovery,

Generations Hawaii Team