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HAWAII: iTS PEOPLE & culture explored

“Hawaii is not a state of mind, but a state of grace.”

– Paul Theroux


Patrick Shin

Patrick Shin has built one of the biggest construction firms on Hawaii, and now employs over 350 employees.

Soichi Sakamoto

Soichi Sakamoto was an American swimming coach born in Hawaii who pioneered training methods that have now become standard throughout the sport.

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Does Hawaii have a tipping culture?

Just like in the rest of the USA, it’s normal to tip in the waiters in restaurants and bars in Hawaii. Hawaii does indeed have a tipping culture.

The standard tipping amound for adequate services is usually 15% and  you can tip 20-25% for outstanding service. Sometimes, it can come across as insulting to tip less than 15% for service. We would recommend always to give a tip of at least 15%.

Not only waiters in Hawaii you can tip, but also a tour guide. The amount you should tip can be based on the length of the tour. For example, tip $5 per person for a 1- to 2-hour group tour; $10 per person for a 2- to 4-hour group tour; and $20 per person for a 4-hour to full-day group tour.  


Tipping Culture in Hawaii


Hawaii, the sunniest state in the USA, is home to 1.4 million people. There are 8 main islands on Hawaii, and plenty to explore.


There are plenty of sports activities you can do in Hawaii. Whether you love hiking, water sports or just taking in the amazing sights, there’s so much to do!

Did you know that you can also ski on the islands of Hawaii?