Patrick Shin: Owner of Nan Inc

Patrick Shin is probably a Hawaiian resident you haven’t heard of before. But, if we say that he’s the owner of Nan Inc, chances are that you know about that construction company, based in Hawaii. Here, you will find everything that you need to know about this Hawaiian entrepreneur with South Korean roots.

Who is Patrick Shin?

Patrick Nan Shin is the founder of one of the biggest construction companies in Hawaii, called Nan Inc. His company has its headquarters in Honolulu and was started in 1990, more than 30 years ago.

Patrick Shin during one of his charity events.

He had dreams of becoming an entrepreneur very early in life. What started as a dream soon became reality. Now, in 2020, his contruction company employs over 350 people in Hawaii. He’s really contributing to a lot of people’s lives in Hawaii.

Since Patrick Shin his roots are came from South Korea He wanted to help build the future of Hawaii. What started as an innocent dream, soon became reality many years later.

Of course, the road ahead wasn’t always easy. Patrick started with some of the smallest construction projects with a lot of passion and drive. Year-over-year his company grew bigger and bigger. In the beginning, there weren’t any employees either. It was just himself and one additional worker.

About his company

Nan Inc is a popular name in the construction industry. They have won some important government contracts worth millions of dollars. But like many companies, they started small. Their first construction contract was the installation of a road sign.

It all starts with small successes, and after this, Patrick Shin had the motivation and the passion to pursue bigger projects. Thanks to this perseverance his construction company grew exponentially.

Today, Nan Inc is Hawaii’s largest locally owned and operated general contractor. We’ve come a long way and are no capable of handling and executing the most complex projects.

Patrick Shin and his company specialize in preconstruction, general contracting, and design-build services.

Patrick Shin is a very interesting person and that’s why our team at Generations Hawaii decided to write a post about him.

Giving Back To The Community

Just like in the rest of the USA, COVID-19 was a a big issue for most businesses. A lot of people and businesses lost a major part of their income. Patrick Shin had the ability and the donations to help. ”Giving back to the community is a great feeling, and I love to contribute to the Hawaiian community”, says Patrick Shin.

Of course, he has done many more charity projects. He has helped a school in the Philippines, he has contributed to sport clubs on Hawaii, and every year he is also part of the South Korean festival on the island of Hawaii.

Why Has Patrick Shin Been so successful with Nan Inc?

Very few construction firms in Hawaii have known the level of success that Nan Inc first experienced. But what’s the reason that the owner got so successful early on? ”It basically comes down to drive, motivation and a little bit of luck”, says Nan Inc Owner Patrick Shin.

Patrick is a very humble man, and building one of the biggest construction management companies on the island of Hawaii is no easy feat. Nan Inc is still considered a young company. It has been in existence for about 30 years. That said, they have delivered over 2,600 successful projects in the fields of general contracting, pre-construction and design-build. They have had some amazing results with their construction projects. Thanks to their outstanding performance, Nan Inc stands on No. 2 in the list of top 25 contractos of Hawaii in the Building Industry Magazine.

We can conclude that Patrick Shin is not only a businessman or entrepreneur, but a self-made millionaire and a selfless human being who gives back to the Hawaiian community.

Note: this post was last updated on 06/29/2021. We might update this post more in the future, when there is more interesting info available about Patrick Shin.